Safety Alerts

Ten most recent alerts

Number: 24-04 Dated: 16/05/2024

LTI – Compound Fracture of Right Foot

Gangway operator on an SOV injured during retraction of walk to work gangway.

Number: 24-03 Dated: 18/04/2024

First Aid Case – Line of Fire During Lasso Retrieval

First aid injury on an AHT due to insufficient management of change.

Number: 24-02 Dated: 25/03/2024

Side Scuttle Knocked in by Wave Impact

Vessel port hole / side scuttle knocked in by wave impact in heavy seas.

Number: 24-01 Dated: 19/03/2024

Hand Injury After Tubular Cargo Shifted

Vessel crew members hand injured when tubular cargo shifted.

Number: 23-20 Dated: 23/11/2023

Chemical Handling – Eye Burn

Eye burn during chemical handling onboard a vessel

Number: 23-19 Dated: 03/11/2023

Potential Dropped Object

Shackle left on top of cargo became a potential dropped object during discharge.

Number: 23-18 Dated: 01/11/2023

Dropped Lightning Rod

Lightning conductor rod fell 26m on a walk to work vessel

Number: 23-17 Dated: 28/10/2023

Dropped Metal Wedge

Heavy metal wedge dropped from a height of approximately 13m during work on a walk to work system.

Number: 23-16 Dated: 25/10/2023

Messenger Line in Propeller

Messenger line entangled in vessel propeller during tanker assist operations

Number: 23-15 Dated: 20/10/2023

Rescue Craft Fuel Isolation Valves

Rescue craft engines stopped in transit due to fuel starvation

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