About MSF

Started as the North Sea Marine Affinity Group in 1997, the Marine Safety Forum is primarily focused on actively promoting safety within the marine sector of the offshore energy industry.

The Marine Safety Forum is a non-profit-making organisation that actively promotes good practice and initiatives to enhance safety within the marine sector of the offshore energy industry.  The membership comprises Ship-Owning/Managing companies, Logistics companies, Energy Sector Operators, Marine Consultants and other interested parties (e.g. Port Authorities, Trade Associations, Governmental Agencies, Ship-Brokerages etc…). It is managed by a Steering Group of approximately 20 representatives from the membership and a Secretariat who meet every six weeks.

The work of the Marine Safety Forum is primarily carried out by “workgroups” which concentrate on a specific topic.  The Workgroup reports to the Steering Group with the eventual aim that a “Good Practice” regarding the specific issue is published for the benefit of industry.  Details of all current Workgroups are available on the ‘Work Groups’ page.  We would encourage you to engage with Workgroups particularly where you have an interest.  Nominally every six months we host an ‘All Members Meeting’ for the entire membership.  Details of meetings are in the ‘Meetings’ section.

  1. The North Sea Marine Affinity Group (NSMAG) was created


    Formed to reduce the amount of ‘must attend’ safety meetings.

  2. NSMAG became the Marine Safety Forum


    The NSMAG became the Marine Safety Forum, and Patrick Harrison (Stirling Shipping) its first Chairperson.

  3. MSF employs it's own secretary


    6 people have held this role, and the MSF remains grateful to them all; Alison Dillon, Elaine Olson, Lynne Gray, Michelle Fowler, Katy Taylor & Mary Fear

  4. The First All Members Meeting


    Now a must attend event for any Marine Safety professional, it all started here.

  5. The Marine Safety Forum gets it's first website


    Since we have started, the MSF has had three websites, we’re hoping you like the latest and that its here to stay!

  6. Launch of Ship Handling Training Record Book


    An attempt to tackle the issue of Manual Manoeuvring Pre-requisites for DP Training

  7. Marine Operations for Installation Staff


    Booklet designed for Installation staff to increase knowledge and awareness of Marine Operations Offshore is launched.

  8. Post Bourbon Dolphin Workgroups


    Workgroups included; Pre-hire Template of data, Pro-hire Inspection checklists for AHV’s, Anchor-handling Manual Template, Rig-move Procedures Template and Pre Rig move Stage 1 HIRA Template.

  9. Guard Vessel Good Practice launched


    Working with SFF Services and NFFO, Guard Vessel Good Practice was launched for UK Fishing vessels

  10. 118 member companies reached and 2,500+ website subscriptions


    We continue to grow and develop, and whilst the numbers fluctuate, the momentum continues.

  11. 20 Years Old


    In 2017 the MSF turned 20!

    Its important to note that this is in no small part due to the hard work and dedication of all the Steering Group members over the years.  Thank you one and all.


The primary aim is to improve safety within the marine sector of the offshore energy industry

This is achieved by the following objectives:

To air marine safety issues in an open forum of service users and providers

To highlight areas of particular concern and reach consensus on action required to minimise risk of major incidents.

Take pre-emptive action on minor issues which have the potential to escalate

To represent marine concerns within the “Step Change in Safety” initiative.

To work together with industry to share safety information and good practice.