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Safety Alerts

Work Equipment

Number: 21-09 Dated: 05/05/2022

CO2 Firefighting Systems

A valuable lesson learned from an MSF member relating to maintenance of a safety critical system.

Number: 21-15 Dated: 24/09/2021

Eye Injury Whilst Opening Paint Tin Lid

Serious eye injury sustained by vessel crew member whilst opening a paint tin lid

Number: 21-05 Dated: 03/03/2021

Wearing and Stowage of PPE

Good practice in relation to the use and storage of eye protection developed as a result of a minor incident on a members vessel.

Number: 17-14 Dated: 30/10/2017

Injury to Crew-member whilst using Pillar Drill

The injured party was in the process of manufacturing a metal blank for a pipe on the vessels hot water system, the pipe was to be manufactured using a piece of 2mm metal plate. Part of the process

Number: 17-11 Dated: 18/09/2017

Steel Ferrule Failure

Whilst operating the forward utility hoist (Tugger), weight was taken to support a 1.5t basket to assist the crane in removing the basket from the drill floor. The winch wire was in tension and load 2” above the

Number: 17-08 Dated: 26/07/2017

Personnel Injury Whilst Using Pillar Drill

An experienced engineer was changing out a drill bit on a tower drill in the engine room workshop and while doing so he inadvertently operated the wrong handle and started the drill. The engineer was wearing gloves to

Number: 15-21 Dated: 03/07/2015

Incorrect Fitting of Hydrostatic Release Units

Some of our vessels have been supplied with Thanner 4 Year Hydrostatic Release Units (HRU). A recent internal inspection on one of our vessels has highlighted that they have been fitted incorrectly. Therefore all vessels are requested to

Number: 15-10 Dated: 12/02/2015

Fire in Engine Room

A fire broke out in the engine room onboard a PSV when she was on passage to an offshore location. The vessel was manned by 14 crew, fortunately there were no personal injuries sustained throughout this incident. The

Number: 03-15 Dated: 07/11/2003

Pitch Control Failure

Number: 03-14 Dated: 13/10/2003

Start Battery Explosion on SBV

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