Safety Alerts


Number: 20-03 Dated: 17/04/2020

Collision During Port Manoeuvring

Collision during port manoeuvring.

Number: 20-01 Dated: 27/01/2020

Vessel Contact with Wind Turbine

Offshore support vessel made contact with wind turbine resulting in damage to helideck perimeter netting and bridge wing.

Number: 19-09 Dated: 28/06/2019

Vessel Contact with FPSO

Vessel contact with FPSO during cargo operations on DP

Number: 16-02 Dated: 28/01/2016

PSV Involved in a Near Miss Whilst on Location

Fortunately the Second Officer on watch observed the situation and intervened bringing the matter to the attention of the Senior Officer on watch, thus avoiding a less favourable outcome. The excessive entry speed and direction of approach was

Number: 15-18 Dated: 26/06/2015

Collision with Rig

There was an incident which led to the loss of position keeping ability of a Platform Supply Vessel and the subsequent collision with the leg of a Drilling Rig. The vessel was undertaking Deck Cargo Transfer Operations at

Number: 03-17 Dated: 27/11/2003

Loss of Joystick Control