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Lifting/Deck Cargo Handling

Most Recent Lifting/Deck Cargo Handling Alerts

Near Miss – Dropped Object

Number: 19-08

2 x Near Miss events involving dropped and potential dropped objects during routine lifting operations offshore

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Lashings not removed before offload

Number: 19-06

Hi potential incident during discharge of deck cargo

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Damaged PV Valve During Lifting Operations

Number: 19-01

A vessel sustained damage to one of their PV valves for the LFL system during back loading of cargo. This in turn raised concerns around possible lack of containment of hazardous cargoes.

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AB Struck on Head by Crane Hook

Number: 18-26

A PSV was carrying out routine deck cargo transfer operations at an offshore installation with the two AB’s on the vessels deck routinely hooking on and off cargo as it was being discharged and back loaded to and

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Incorrectly Weighted Monkey’s Fist

Number: 18-22

A quayside boatman recently reported concerns with a ‘monkey’s fist’ that had been thrown ashore by an attending vessel during the mooring process. Picture 2 below shows the condition of the ‘monkey’s fist’ when it was initially thrown

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Snagged Lift

Number: 18-19

During deck cargo operations at an offshore location, a hoisted 10ft container became snagged on the bridle of a backloaded tote tank. A ‘Stop Stop Stop’ was given over the Radio and the Crane Operator immediately stopped hoisting

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