Lifting/Deck Cargo Handling

Most Recent Lifting/Deck Cargo Handling Alerts

Unsafe Cargo Transfer Using Pallets

Number: 22-06

2 x incidents reported by a MSF member involving loading of cargo using pallets

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Snagging Point

Number: 21-17

2 separate snagging events during offshore bulk hose operations on a members vessel

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Dropped Object During Cargo Discharge Operations

Number: 21-14

Seafastening bracket dropped from cargo forklift pocket whilst lifting from vessel to shore.

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Cargo Snagging

Number: 20-08

Cargo snagging incident with the potential for harm.

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Unsafe Lifting Operations – Potential Dropped Object

Number: 19-15

Observation on an unsafe lift and recommendations for improvements that can be made.

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Basket Snagged on Ships Structure

Number: 19-14

Cargo basket snagged on ships structure during back-load from offshore installation.

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