Hand Injuries

Most Recent Hand Injuries Alerts

Hand Injury After Tubular Cargo Shifted

Number: 24-01

Vessel crew members hand injured when tubular cargo shifted.

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Lifting Operations – ‘Line of Fire’

Number: 22-16

A summary of various incidents related to Lifting Operations where vessel crew were in the ‘Line of Fire’

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Hand Injury Incident

Number: 22-12

Serious hand injury to a seafarer whilst using a knife.

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Finger Injury During Drills & Exercises

Number: 22-08

Severe injury to a crew members hand during vessel drills and exercises.

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Hand Injury Sustained During Routine Checks

Number: 21-13

Crew member sustained hand injury during routine weekly checks.

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Cut Hand Whilst Cleaning / Hand Safety

Number: 21-10

Vessel crew member sustained a bad cut to their hand whilst cleaning in the galley.

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