Hand Injuries

Most Recent Hand Injuries Alerts

Finger Injury During Drills & Exercises

Number: 22-08

Severe injury to a crew members hand during vessel drills and exercises.

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Hand Injury Sustained During Routine Checks

Number: 21-13

Crew member sustained hand injury during routine weekly checks.

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Cut Hand Whilst Cleaning / Hand Safety

Number: 21-10

Vessel crew member sustained a bad cut to their hand whilst cleaning in the galley.

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Finger Injury During Rescue Boat Launch Drill

Number: 21-03

Finger injury / partial amputation during a launch drill of the vessels rescue boat.

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Finger injury during wire transfer operations

Number: 20-07

Crush injury to vessel crew members finger during wire transfer operations

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LTI – Fractured Toe

Number: 18-27

The IP was transiting from one deck to a lower using the external stairway. While carrying a bucket in one hand and holding onto the handrail with the other. As the IP descended the stairway the IP’s foot

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