Good Practice

Most Recent Good Practice Alerts

Whip Checks on Bulk Hoses – Update

Number: 22-03

Follow up to safety alert 19-11 “Whip Checks on Bulk Hoses” stressing correct usage

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High Levels of H2S Detected in Bilge Tank

Number: 22-01

Dangerously high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide detected during a routine transfer of bilge water on a members vessel.

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Foreign Object in Eye

Number: 21-20

Seafarer hospitalised to remove foreign object from eye after insufficient assessment of safety eyewear requirement

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Crankcase Failure

Number: 21-19

Crankcase failure leads to two small fires but good practice in place prevented any secondary damage.  

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Defective Securing Arrangement

Number: 21-16

defective securing arrangement on a vessels dry bulk tank leads to pre-warning activation of the vessels fire alarm system.

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Cut Hand Whilst Cleaning / Hand Safety

Number: 21-10

Vessel crew member sustained a bad cut to their hand whilst cleaning in the galley.

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