Fire and Explosion

Most Recent Fire and Explosion Alerts

Crankcase Failure

Number: 21-19

Crankcase failure leads to two small fires but good practice in place prevented any secondary damage.  

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Fatality Caused by Explosion of Corroded Fire Extinguisher

Number: 21-11

Fatality caused by the explosion of a corroded fire extinguisher

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Exposed Electrical Cable

Number: 21-02

Sharing of lessons learned in relation to exposed electrical cables.

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Air Cylinder Failure in Lifeboat

Number: 21-01

Personnel injured as a result of failure of a compressed air cylinder in a Lifeboat.

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Battery Fire

Number: 17-04

In the early hours of the morning during a period of adverse weather the fire alarm in the vessel battery locker was activated. The crew mustered and fire team assembled, upon investigation it was discovered that there was

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Fire in Engine Room

Number: 16-26

Whilst returning to port from offshore one of our member’s vessels suffered a fire in her engine room. The crew were alerted when 3 sensors on the fire detection system activated setting off the fire alarm and the

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