Control of Work Activities

Most Recent Control of Work Activities Alerts

Engine Damage After Routine Maintenance

Number: 21-09

Damage to engine whilst working alongside installation after routine maintenance.

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Tank Corrosion

Number: 21-07

Sharing of learnings from a tank corrosion case resulting from incorrect disposal of corrosive chemicals.

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Escalation of Poor Maintenance

Number: 21-04

Foundering of a vessel as a result of poor maintenance.

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Finger Injury During Rescue Boat Launch Drill

Number: 21-03

Finger injury / partial amputation during a launch drill of the vessels rescue boat.

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Failure to Wear Correct PPE

Number: 20-12

Vessel crew intervened when they observed shore crew not wearing correct PPE.

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FRC Capsize During Competence Assessment

Number: 20-10

Crew members fell into the sea during Fast Rescue Craft competence assessment

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