Control of Work Activities

Most Recent Control of Work Activities Alerts

CO2 System Left Non-operational After Servicing

Number: 22-10

Lessons learned from a survey which left a vessels fixed CO2 system non-operational

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Mooring Line Dragged Overboard During Port Approach

Number: 22-05

A combination of mooring practices and weather conditions led to a mooring line being dragged overboard on vessels approach to port with a risk of entanglement in propulsion units.

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Foreign Object in Eye

Number: 21-20

Seafarer hospitalised to remove foreign object from eye after insufficient assessment of safety eyewear requirement

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LTI – Fall from Height

Number: 21-18

Serious injury when a crew member fell through an unguarded/unprotected opening.

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Defective Securing Arrangement

Number: 21-16

defective securing arrangement on a vessels dry bulk tank leads to pre-warning activation of the vessels fire alarm system.

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Eye Injury Whilst Opening Paint Tin Lid

Number: 21-15

Serious eye injury sustained by vessel crew member whilst opening a paint tin lid

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