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Control of Work Activities

Most Recent Control of Work Activities Alerts

Machinery Failure

Number: 18-16

A vessel recently experienced machinery failure which had significant potential to result in a far more serious incident. The vessel was standing by at location due to fog preventing operations. At 03:20 the high-level alarm on the forward

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Escape Hatch Blocked

Number: 18-05

During a general walk around on a vessel an electrical transformer was discovered as pictured below. After checking it transpired that the transformer had been left by a contractor who had placed it on top of an escape

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Electrical Burn – Removal of Safety Devices

Number: 18-01

The IP was tasked with resetting the operating panel for a 690 V AC anti heeling pump. Whilst doing so he received an electrical burn to his middle finger when he reset the breaker switch.

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Injury to Crew Member

Number: 16-25

A recently qualified Third Engineer was assigned to a member’s vessel, his first trip as a qualified officer. After 5 days on board the 3/E took over watches in the engine room as the sole engine room watch

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Unsafe Method of Rope Work Resulted in Severe Hand Injury

Number: 16-22

A vessel which had been attending an offshore installation had completed operations and had left the 500m zone. The deck crew decided to prepare mooring lines for arrival in port. One of the ABs was spooling a mooring

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Pallet Strop Hook Broke and Hit AB

Number: 16-20

During maintenance on deck the vessels AB’s discovered a roller on a winch that was stuck. They decided to try to loosen it by the use of the rail crane fitted on the vessel. When the crane driver

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