Slips, Trips and Falls

Most Recent Slips, Trips and Falls Alerts

Slip on Engine Room Stairwell

Number: 22-11

Vessel crew member slipped and fell on engine room stairwell.

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Man Overboard Incident

Number: 22-04

High potential incident with a crew member during mooring operations

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LTI – Fall from Height

Number: 21-18

Serious injury when a crew member fell through an unguarded/unprotected opening.

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Suspension Trauma

Number: 21-12

Shared learnings on a planned drill which resulted in suspension trauma.

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LTI – Fractured Ankle

Number: 19-10

IP fractured ankle on accessing vessel via gangway

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Slip on Wet Surface

Number: 19-02

Crew member slipped and fell on a wet surface on the bridge as a result of a spill from an unsecure kettle

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