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Rescue Craft & Equipment

Most Recent Rescue Craft & Equipment Alerts

High Potential Near Miss – PSV Rescue Boat Davit Failure

Number: 19-07

Hi potential near miss during launching of a platform supply vessels rescue boat.

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Anchor Brake Failure

Number: 18-25

A vessel experienced a potentially fatal near miss incident during a dry-docking period. As is normal practice in dry dock, the vessels anchors were ranged on the dock bottom for inspection and painting. With this complete, and the

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Finger Injury During Recovery of Daughter Craft

Number: 18-04

Whilst the vessel was recovering the Daughter Craft after a Man Overboard exercise the Boatman took hold of the lifting ring, it was when he hooked the ring into the DC hook his left index finger became caught

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Unsafe Condition – Anomaly During Lifeboat Lowering

Number: 18-02

During lowering of a lifeboat, the davits initially failed to lower due to an indentation in the face of the gripe cam on the forward arm. To complete the lowering the fall wires were tensioned using the manual

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Forward Painter Quick Release

Number: 17-07

Three crew-members were in the FRC (Fast Rescue Craft). During recovery of FRC, the forward painter quick release parted just as the FRC lifted from the water. The FRC then swung to starboard causing the stern to come

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