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Rescue Craft & Equipment

Most Recent Rescue Craft & Equipment Alerts

Launching Conditions for Fast Rescue Craft

Number: 19-13

Launch failure of Fast Rescue Craft as a result of incomplete planned maintenance task.

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FRC Capsize During Launch

Number: 19-12

Capsizing of FRC during launching resulting in 3 crew-members entering the water

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High Potential Near Miss – PSV Rescue Boat Davit Failure

Number: 19-07

Hi potential near miss during launching of a platform supply vessels rescue boat.

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Anchor Brake Failure

Number: 18-25

A vessel experienced a potentially fatal near miss incident during a dry-docking period. As is normal practice in dry dock, the vessels anchors were ranged on the dock bottom for inspection and painting. With this complete, and the

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Finger Injury During Recovery of Daughter Craft

Number: 18-04

Whilst the vessel was recovering the Daughter Craft after a Man Overboard exercise the Boatman took hold of the lifting ring, it was when he hooked the ring into the DC hook his left index finger became caught

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