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Dropped Objects

Most Recent Dropped Objects Alerts

PDO – Nets v Tarpaulins for Covering Cargo Carrying Units

Number: 20-04

Potential Dropped Object during cargo operations leads to assessment in suitability of Nets compared to Tarpaulins for covering open top cargo covering units.

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Potential Dropped Object – Improvised Tool

Number: 20-02

Improvised tool for cargo securing left on CCU becoming a potential dropped object

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Unsafe Lifting Operations – Potential Dropped Object

Number: 19-15

Observation on an unsafe lift and recommendations for improvements that can be made.

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Near Miss – Dropped Object

Number: 19-08

2 x Near Miss events involving dropped and potential dropped objects during routine lifting operations offshore

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Potential Dropped Object

Number: 19-04

Hardened cement on guide base led to a significant potential for dropped objects during the back load process from offshore.

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Door of CCU Swung Open Whilst Backloading

Number: 19-03

Whilst back loading a CCU at an offshore location a door swung open when the lift landed on the vessel deck. This alert also looks at the risks associated with sending such items back up to the installation

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