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Dropped Objects

Most Recent Dropped Objects Alerts

Near Miss – Dropped Object

Number: 19-08

2 x Near Miss events involving dropped and potential dropped objects during routine lifting operations offshore

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Potential Dropped Object

Number: 19-04

Hardened cement on guide base led to a significant potential for dropped objects during the back load process from offshore.

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Door of CCU Swung Open Whilst Backloading

Number: 19-03

Whilst back loading a CCU at an offshore location a door swung open when the lift landed on the vessel deck. This alert also looks at the risks associated with sending such items back up to the installation

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Near Miss – Potential Dropped Object

Number: 18-23

During cargo operations at an offshore location, a 20ft basket was discharged from aft on the main deck. Shortly afterwards bridge team were informed by the installation crew that a yellow metal plate was found trapped inside the

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Potential Dropped Objects in Frame Pockets

Number: 18-20

When preparing a heavy lift to be discharged from an offshore supply vessel to an offshore installation the vessel’s AB’s were carrying out final checks which included checks for any potential dropped objects, during these checks they discovered

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Potential Dropped Object

Number: 18-15

A Company Vessel was carrying out deck cargo operations at an offshore installation. As a container was received on the installation landing platform the Crane Operator reported that a Potential Dropped Object had been discovered on top of

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