Dropped Objects

Most Recent Dropped Objects Alerts

Unsafe Cargo Transfer Using Pallets

Number: 22-06

2 x incidents reported by a MSF member involving loading of cargo using pallets

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Dropped Object During Cargo Discharge Operations

Number: 21-14

Seafastening bracket dropped from cargo forklift pocket whilst lifting from vessel to shore.

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Potential Dropped Object

Number: 21-08

Potential dropped object found in a forklift pocket of a CCU after lifting to installation.

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Dropped Object Awareness

Number: 21-06

Safety alert to raise awareness on the persistent problem of dropped and potential dropped objects along with key points to help keep vessel crew safe.

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Potential Dropped Object Found on Bundle of Casing

Number: 20-11

Cargo securing hook from the Supply Vessel found on a bundle of casing after lifting to the Rig

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PDO – Nets v Tarpaulins for Covering Cargo Carrying Units

Number: 20-04

Potential Dropped Object during cargo operations leads to assessment in suitability of Nets compared to Tarpaulins for covering open top cargo covering units.

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