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Bulk Hoses

Most Recent Bulk Hoses Alerts

Water Based Mud Spill on Deck

Number: 20-05

Water Based Mud spill on PSV during transfer operation offshore.

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Whip Checks on Bulk Hoses

Number: 19-11

Lessons learned following injury from whipping bulk hose.

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Hose Incident

Number: 15-13

The vessel was engaged in a bulk transfer operation on the leeside of the platform. The incident involved a 2” bulk chemical transfer hose that had been passed up to the platform, and was being passed down to

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Hose Handling Injury

Number: 15-11

The vessel was performing operations at the leeside of the platform. The fuel hose was lowered by a bridle which is connected to the saddle fitted on the hose. The hose coupling was hanging loose. One of the

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