Guard Vessel Inspection

Please note the following updates to the Guard Vessel Pre- Hire Inspection template

2.2 Additional column – Now to include Medical Valid dates
2.5 Data Protection: Advise what measures are in place to control and protect the crew members’ personal information gathered at this inspection
3.2 Confirm the safety regime on-board for the use / wearing of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and appropriate PPE
3.6 Additional comment – Personal floatation devices
6.2 Decks

Are decks and stairways in good state of repair and all are aware of slips, trips, and falls hazards?

6.7 Are all critical equipment and machinery being maintained as per manufacturer requirements?

Is there a defined and appropriate list of critical equipment?

Note when was the last critical maintenance performed on critical equipment such as main engines/generators and if there is anything due during intended hire period

6.10 When was the vessel last slipped/major maintenance carried out/seacocks checked?
8.1 Testing for Satellite phones & Broadband added to comments column


  • Issued: August 6, 2018

  • Guard Vessel Inspection