GOMO – New Revisions Published


To all GOMO users and subscribers,

New revisions published:

The following chapters and appendices have been revised and are now published on the GOMO website for download:

  • Chapter 11 “Anchor Handling & MOU Moving”
  • Appendix 11-A “Anchor Handling Systems, Set Up & Handling”
  • Chapter 14 “Further Information, References”

Please go to www.g-omo.info to download along with a copy of the complete GOMO document reflecting these recent revisions.

Each Chapter and Appendix has a revision history table at the front which lists the changes to the previous version.

Please ensure this message is forwarded to colleagues and contacts who need to be aware of GOMO changes.


For any questions or further information please contact  gomo.response@gmail.com


Best Regards

GOMO Steering Group