GOMO Chapter Revisions


To all GOMO users and subscribers,

General update:

The review of GOMO is ongoing and in order to simplify this process and subsequent release plan we have made the document available as separate chapter and appendix downloads as well as a fully combined download. This change allows us to process revisions more efficiently and facilitate the update of specific sections without requiring a full update of the complete document.

The latest of these updates are listed below and now available on the website www.g-omo.info for download:

  • Chapter 7 rev 1 – “Operational Best Practice”
  • Chapter 12 rev 1 – “Project Support Operations”
  • Chapter 13 rev 1 – “Emergencies”

The complete GOMO document with these 3 x recently revised chapters is also available for download.

Each Chapter has a revision history table on page 2 which lists the changes to the previous version.

Please ensure this message is forwarded to colleagues and contacts who need to be aware of GOMO changes.

For any questions or further information please contact  gomo.response@gmail.com


Best Regards

GOMO Steering Group