Safety Alerts


Number: 20-06 Dated: 12/08/2020

Methanol Transfer

Discrepancies in quantities of methanol transfers and unobserved spills to sea.

Number: 20-05 Dated: 06/05/2020

Water Based Mud Spill on Deck

Water Based Mud spill on PSV during transfer operation offshore.

Number: 18-21 Dated: 31/08/2018

Contaminated Slops – High LEL

An Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) was asked to backload 650bbls of contaminated mud (Slops) from an offshore location into two designated mud tanks. As per industry practice, the Master requested up to date MSDS Information for the cargo

Number: 18-06 Dated: 14/02/2018

Self-Closing Valve Ruptures Mud Hose

Vessel was discharging Oil Based Mud while alongside in Port. Prior to operations a tool box talk was held and all necessary precautions taken as per company Risk Assessment and NLS Discharge Operations Checklist. The Chief Officer was

Number: 16-27 Dated: 07/11/2016

Fuel Spill During in Port Bunkering

While loading fuel in port a Platform Supply Vessel reported having a fuel spill. Upon discovering the spill, the job was immediately stopped and clean up actions initiated. During the morning the vessels crew had been using a

Number: 16-12 Dated: 01/05/2016

Minor Fuel Spill During Offshore Transfer

Platform Supply Vessel was set up on location and ready to deliver fuel; the hose was connected at the Starboard mid-ships connection. Pre bunkering check list complete. One AB was posted at port mid-ships manifold, one posted at

Number: 16-03 Dated: 28/01/2016

Small ‘Wet Bulk Waste’ Spill to Environment

At the start-up the pump for discharging of a cargo of Wet Bulk Waste (WBW) from the port side manifold to shore side tanks, there was a small spill from the ship’s starboard side discharge manifold. On seeing