Safety Alerts

Hand Injuries

Number: 21-13 Dated: 12/08/2021

Hand Injury Sustained During Routine Checks

Crew member sustained hand injury during routine weekly checks.

Number: 21-10 Dated: 27/05/2021

Cut Hand Whilst Cleaning / Hand Safety

Vessel crew member sustained a bad cut to their hand whilst cleaning in the galley.

Number: 21-03 Dated: 18/02/2021

Finger Injury During Rescue Boat Launch Drill

Finger injury / partial amputation during a launch drill of the vessels rescue boat.

Number: 20-07 Dated: 04/09/2020

Finger injury during wire transfer operations

Crush injury to vessel crew members finger during wire transfer operations

Number: 18-27 Dated: 28/11/2018

LTI – Fractured Toe

The IP was transiting from one deck to a lower using the external stairway. While carrying a bucket in one hand and holding onto the handrail with the other. As the IP descended the stairway the IP’s foot

Number: 18-24 Dated: 15/11/2018

LTI – Squeezed Thumb

The Injured Party was opening the watertight door into the bow thruster room at the end of his shift. As he placed his hand on the operating handle, he placed his other hand on the watertight door framework

Number: 18-10 Dated: 29/03/2018

Lost Time Injury – Cut to Hand

Shortly after departure, a crew member reported to the Bridge with a cut to his hand. He had been carrying empty boxes from the store and through the galley when he caught his hand on the sharp edge

Number: 15-05 Dated: 05/02/2015

Cut Finger changing Mop Head

One of our crew has had a very painful accident that caused him to cut his finger. He was preparing to carry out a routine cleaning task and was in the process of changing a sponge mop head.