Safety Alerts

Anchor Handling

Number: 21-04 Dated: 24/02/2021

Escalation of Poor Maintenance

Foundering of a vessel as a result of poor maintenance.

Number: 16-21 Dated: 04/10/2016

Hit by Mud/Clay During Anchor Handling Operations

During recovery of anchors from the seabed a marine rep was injured after he got a 50 kg lump of mud/clay rolled onto his back as he was checking the Identification number of a shackle. The anchor was

Number: 16-16 Dated: 25/08/2016

Near Miss During Preparation to Load Anchor Chain

During preparation to load anchor chain into the moon pool locker, one person almost fell into the chain locker. The hatch cover had been temporarily removed prior to the installation of the chain guide. The hatch had an

Number: 04-12 Dated: 04/08/2004

Tug Incident

Number: 11-04 Dated: 19/07/2004

Loss of Position whilst Anchor Handling

Number: 04-08 Dated: 27/05/2004

Failed Spelter Socket

Number: 03-08 Dated: 29/08/2003

Anchor Handling Equipment, Best Practice

Number: 03-07 Dated: 25/08/2003

Anchor Handling Equipment

Number: 03-01 Dated: 10/01/2003

Tugger Operation & Chain Parting