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New Fuel Guidelines launched!

The MSF is delighted to announce the new Delivering Quality Bulk Marine Gasoil to Offshore Installations Guidelines.

This document is applicable to vessels carrying Marine Gasoil as cargo to offshore installations operating in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS), but the principles can be applied elsewhere.

Vessel Owners may choose to apply this guidance to fuel intended for ships use only.

This document provides practical guidance on delivering quality Marine Gasoil to offshore locations with a view to operating to a common standard throughout the offshore UKCS supply chain to achieve common specification requirements for maintenance and testing standards.

The new guidelines can be found here.

The first AMM of 2019 is planned for 30th of May at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom. As always we look forward to seeing you all there. Seafarers especially welcome. Agenda to follow.

Welcome to the new MSF website. The site has been designed with the needs of our membership at the fore and aims to improve the flow of information between the MSF and its members. Register now to access content exclusive to fee paying members.

We have seen a healthy increase in safety alerts / lessons learned submitted in 2018 and would continue to encourage all of our members to submit anything you may have which is worth sharing with the wider industry.

To view all of the past years safety alerts, or if you are a registered member, every safety alert the MSF has produced, please visit the Safety Alerts section of our website

The ‘Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations’ document is currently undergoing a review. To make sure you are kept updated on changes please subscribe to the MSF mailing list and keep an eye on the GOMO website.